Rohloff SPEEDHUB flange support rings -  (1x small + 1x large)

Rohloff SPEEDHUB flange support rings - (1x small + 1x large)

Possible Carbon Tubular Wheelset

Possible Carbon Tubular Wheelset

BikeYoke Revive 125 (30.9mm)

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What if there was a dropper post, that actually solves and not just improves  reliability issues, saves cost and time, and does not let you worry about time at service-centers anymore?
Or how about “bleeding” your seat post within  a few seconds, while it is still installed in your bike?

BikeYoke presents its new REVIVE dropper post, featuring one of the most brilliant design features in drop post design in many years.
More than 10 years of experience in drop-post design went into the “REVIVE” and the development has finally paid off.
Of, course, just as many other companies, BikeYoke would say, that REVIVE is reliable and strong and smooth, …
And yes, revive is all of that, but not because we tried to improve current designs, but because we were thinking outside of the box and created a new concept, that is completely different from everything before.

To understand the benefits over other posts, you have to know about the problems of many current designs first:
Many of the popular current seatpost designs are based on a hydraulic lockout-system, that relies on a perfectly sealing IFP (Internal Floating Piston), separating oil from air to prevent the seatpost from getting suspension feeling. There are a lot of difficulties to overcome, when using an IFP, because an IFP has to maintain 100% sealing function. If air can go to the oil side, your post will start becoming springy. This happens to a lot of posts in the market already and is the main issue, why posts need to be serviced.

That´s why BikeYoke´s “REVIVE” features a NON-IFP design, because we think it is too difficult - if not impossible - to make a really reliable design, using an IFP.
REVIVE only requires 2 dynamic seals in the hydraulic circuit (RS Reverb and KS LEV and Fox transfer use 4 dynamic seals), with those two seals being the ones, that are known to cause the least problems in sealing application: The inner shaft sealing and the piston sealing for the lockout mechanism.
The highly critical IFP has been removed, and with it the need of perfect concentricity and finish of the sealing surfaces of the tubes.
The lack of an IFP also results in the smoothest action of any hydraulic drop-post on the market.

The most important and ground-breaking  feature of Revive is its “REVIVE-VALVE”.
Even REVIVE can get air somewhere where it does not belong. This can happen for example, when you actuate your seatpost for a few times, while its upside down.
And here is where the patented RESET VALVE comes into play:
Insert a 4mm Hex Key into the REVIVE hex port, turn it and push down the post by hand.
This will automatically reset your hydraulic circuit to “new”.
Whenever. Wherever. This is done just within a few seconds and only by the turn of a 4mm Allen key, without even having to remove your drop post  from your bike.


So, now one might already understand that:
  1. No external air will want go inside the post´s hydraulic circuit, since it is charged with higher pressure, than its surroundings.
  2. No oil will go out (or at least very very little oil over the curse of a long time), because of very stable sealing - external sealing has never been a real problem of current post design
  3. The hydraulic system can be reset to “new” via the unique “REVIVE-valving”
This means the hydraulic circuit is a very stable closed system and basically maintenance free.
Still there are parts that will need to be serviced sooner or later and when designing REVIVE it was put a lot of attention to maximum user-friendly serviceability:
Bushings and keyway pins will wear over time. Usually, the pins wear first and you would want to replace them to reset your rotational play.
Exchanging the pins and the lower bushing is simple and does not require any opening of the hydraulic system and can be done within less than 5 minutes.
Here is how you do a full service:


1 set REVIVE dropper post includes:
  • 1x REVIVE Seatpost
  • 1x Trigger-style remote + clamp or 2-by remote with integrated clamp
  • 1x Cable housing 1500mm
  • 1x Inner wire 1700mm
  • 2x Endcap
  • 1x Barrel cable clamp
  • 1x Air valve adapter
  • 1x Quick-Reset-Lever
  • 1x I-spec adapter (optional)
  • 465g (455g for Ti version) @ 125/30.9
  • 485g (475g for Ti version) @ 125/31.6


Is there a weight limit on the REVIVE dropper post?
Our REVIVE has a maximum rider weight limit (fully equipped) of 115kg.

Which remote do I choose?
  • If you are running a 1-by crankset, then you choose our "Triggy", sits under the handlebar instead of the front derailleur shifter. If you want to combine our Triggy with a Shimano I-spec brake lever, then choose the correspaninf I-Spec adapter
  • If you are still running a 2-/3-by crankset, then choose our "2-by remote"

How can I mount the Triggy remote to my handlebar?
You can mount our Triggy in several ways:
  1. You use our smart "Splits" clamp as a stand-alone solution
  2. You directly combine it with your SRAM brake via "Matchmaker", or with your Magura brake with Magura´s "Shiftmix", or with your Hope brake using their " Hope shifter mounts", or with your Formula brake with Formula´s "Mixmaster". 
  3. You combine Triggy with your I-spec compatible Shimano brake-lever, using one of our smart I-Spec adapters
  4. You mount it with a regular SRAM trigger clamp

How often do I need to use the reset-function of REVIVE?
Use your reset function only, if your post starts to get springy. Normal riding does usually not cause the post to become springy.The post can become springy, if you transport or store it upside down or laying horizontally. Also you should reset your post after you first receive it or after first installation.
In very rare cases you might need to repeat the reset procedure to achieve a 100% reset.

Will you have spare parts for REVIVE?
We will have all important spare parts available in our online shop and at our distributors for reasonable prices. Bushings, sealing kits, pins, bolts, saddle clamps, ... All those parts will be available for you, in case you should need them. If you need a spare part, that we do not have in the webshop, please contact us by email, and we will get it done.

Can I mount saddles with carbon rails and/or high-oval rails to my REVIVE?
Yes, go ahead!

Can I lift my bike on the saddle, or will anything inside the post get damaged, when I pull on the saddle?
Other posts may get damaged. The REVIVE will be OK, when you lift the bike on the saddle, or when you pull on it. The worst thing, that can happen, ist, that you might need to do a reset, but most of the time, you won´t even have to do this.

As every high-performance bicycle component, our REVIVE requires regular and periodic maintenance. It is important to follow our maintenance and service intervals, to ensure proper function throughout the lifetime of your REVIVE.

LINK to REVIVE service and maintenance plan

LINK to REVIVE troubleshooting document

Information about recommended REVIVE lubrication products: LINK

Below you can find links to videos, showing several service and maintenance work. Read and follow the video descriptions.

Please note that videos availble on our Youtube Channel are not exhaustive and does not necessarily show or describe all required steps to perform a complete and successful lower tube service. Those videos and descriptions serve as a guide and aid only. Maintenance and service work has to be performed by an authorized service technicia. Any work, performed by the customer, is performed at its own risk.

Video: 100-hour-service

Video: full cartridge rebuild 

Please find a selection of the most common questions from customers with answers below:

I did a hydraulic reset, but my post still has vertical play 
In rare cases, a lot of air can get inside the inner chamber, and/or the oil is foamed. Multiple resets will help solve this problem. Give the post a few minutes between each reset procedure for the oil to settle down. 

My REVIVE moves a little bit, when I am pushing on it.
Every hydrulically locked post - no matter which brand it is from - allows a little bit of movement, when you sit or push on it. This is normal and you can find the most important reasons for that below:

  1. Contrary to the common opinion, oil is not incompressible. Liquids and oil in particular can be compressed to a certain extent - even if it is just a little bit. 
  2. O-Rings require some space in their housings for easy installation and proper function. This space can be used for small movements, when under pressure.
  3. Tubes are not 100% stiff. When under pressure from the inside, you can imgine their deformation, as if they were bloating like a balloon (exaggrated). This deformation allows minimal movement of the shaft.
All those things contribute to occurring minimal vertical movement of the post, when under load. This movement can be up to 1-2mm and is absolutely normal. It does not come from air, that you might think is still trapped inside the inner chamber.

My remote does not return, after I pushed it 
This is most likely due to one of the following reasons:
  1. The linkage at the bottom of the post is dirty or not properly greased/lubricated.  Over some time, bikes collect dirt and mud inside the frame after washing them. This mud can get to the leverage mechanism, when having the bike upside down (for example after washing). Cleaning and re-greasing the mechanism should solve this. If you ofter washyour bike, using a lot of water, it is recommended to remove the seatpost after washing, so you can get rid of excessive water and mud through the open seattube. Not only will your REVIVE benefit from this, but also your frame bearings and your bottom bracket beaarings. Always give your bike some time to thoroughly dry after washing. 
  2. The air pressure is not correct.  The usual air pressure of the post is between 210-250psi. Less pressure inside the air chamber, does not only mean slower return speed, but also less return pressure for the push rod, that engages the lower leverage unit. Rest the post and fully extend it. Then wait a few minutes, before you pump the post to 250 psi, as described in your manual always in upright position and using a shock pump with a double-step valve, to avoid air loss when detaching the pump. In rare cases the valve core (valve insert) might have gotten a little bit loose after the first couple of rides rides, resulting in very subtle air loss over weeks or months. Use a valve key to torque the schrader valve core to the correct 0,5Nm for proper sealing function. 

​My post returns very slow, especially right before top-out, although pressure is set correctly
Check your seat collar. Some seat collar squeeze the seattube very unevenly, which can result in uneven deformation of the seattube and seatpost. Use the torque on your seat collar as low as possible, just so that your REVIVE does not slip inside the seattube, but in any case do not tighten with more than 5Nm.

My REVIVE feels a little sticky. Does it need a service?
Your post does not neccessarily need a service because of this. Most likely, it is just the small foam ring at the bottom of the seatpost inside the lower tube. This foam ring is a dirt and dust protection, that covers 3 (2 for the very first versions) small holes in the bottom of the post. Those holes allow the post to breath during dropping and extending. If the foam is soaked with oil/water/grease, it may clog the holes and make the post feel sticky during extending and harder to compress, since it will create another air spring in the lower tube. Air cannot get in and out fast enough.
That being said, too much grease during a service (and assembly) is not always the best thing to do.
If you remove the big circlip at the bottom of the post then you can slide up the lower tube and you will see the small foam ring. After cleaning this ring and reassembly, your post should work as smoothly as it used to do. 

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Material 6061 Aluminium
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